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  • If I am not a member, can I still come and take a class?

    Yes! As a drop-in, you may purchase a single class pass to try any of our classes. Single class pass options are always

    available with a pay-as-you-go option.


    If I am new, how do I sign-up to take classes?

    You can come by the day of to pay in-person at our studio front desk or you may register and pay online on our

    MINDBODY page on our website (www.CLUBZEI.com) in advance, or you may download our MINDBODY app for your

    mobile phone here. Please note that all new students/clients are REQUIRED to complete new client paperwork before

    being allowed to take their first class. Please come 15-20 minutes early before your first class to complete new

    client paperwork.


    Is a class reservation required to attend class?

  • Yes, we do require advance reservations for all classes. We unfortunately will not be able to guarantee that we can accommodate individuals without a reservation. 



  • 1.       RESERVE your spot: logon to www.clubzei.com, click Schedule and reserve your spot for class. It's just like making a restaurant reservation. 


  • 2.       SIGN-IN when arriving to class: upon arriving at ClubZEI, look for your reservation on the check-in iPad and click the Check-In button.


  • We do ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your reservation. If you need to cancel, simply go online and remove your reservation. 


  • In the event that we have space in a class for walk-ins, we will still make every effort to accommodate for classes that have space/availability and that are not at capacity. We cannot, however guarantee this option, so we STRONGLY recommend making a reservation online.

  • Do you offer a monthly membership?

    ClubZEI offers a monthly pass series discount for unlimited classes that are good for 1 month from the time of purchase.

    Single class passes (pay-as-you-go) are also available, as well as 10 class pass series discount that are good for a single

    class type/format/instructor. To see our class pricing, click here.


    Refunds and Returns:

    ClubZEI does NOT offer returns or exchanges on any of our retail products at this time.

    Any unused series classes (10 class pass past expiration; unused monthly pass classes) are non-refundable.


    What if I feel out of shape and haven’t worked out recently?

    All classes can be modified, and we recommend that you work out at your own pace and comfort level. Should you need

    any accommodations, please consult with a ClubZEI Pro Team member in advance, and we will be happy to assist.

    Please take water and rest breaks whenever you’d like, even if the instructor does not prompt for a break. You will find

    that your endurance, confidence, stamina, coordination, movement, and fitness should improve over time. Please also

    see our class descriptions for more details about each class format to find the right match for you.


    Why no photos/videos/camera phones/selfies?

    We respect the privacy of our consumers. We are a photo/selfie-free zone! We decided to truly encourage our students

    to unwind, relax, and not worry about the pressures of being recorded without permission during their workouts so that

    they feel that it truly is a place to let their inhibitions go and feel free. We ask all students to please not use cell phones to

    record or photograph fellow students or staff ever. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Although we may on occasion (staff or instructors) ask our students for permission for group photos or professional

    recordings, our students will be notified in advance. If you prefer to NOT be in group class photos or other studio

    recordings, please feel free to notify a staff member and instructor and we will be happy to try to accommodate you.


  • How many calories are burned in each class?

    The actual calories burned are individual specific and take into account a number of factors including: weight of

    individual, amount of exertion, and heart rate for example. On average, most of our moderate to high intensity group

    fitness class participants burn around 400 – 600 calories per class for a 60 minute format. Many more experienced class

    members can burn up to 1000 calories per hour once they master the choreography and proper form for several of our



  • Do you offer childcare?

    No, unfortunately we do not. We have limited seating available for children and/or guests and consequently recommend

    that other arrangements are made while you take classes with us.


  • Do you have showers?

    No, we do not have showers.


  • Mats, water, and towels?

    Please bring your own fitness/yoga mats to class. We offer a very small/limited number of yoga mats to borrow/for the in-

    studio use of our members free of charge on a first come, first served basis. Additional new yoga mats are also available

    for purchase. Water is available for purchase in the studio. We recommend that you please bring your own towel to the

    studio as we do not offer towel/laundry service at this time. Towels are also available for purchase in the studio.


  • Where can I see the current schedule of classes?

    Our most current schedule of classes is always available through our website (www.CLUBZEI.com) and through the

    MINDBODY app. We also have weekly schedules printed at the studio, and publish weekly calendars on our social

    media pages through FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


  • What about parking?

  • The plaza we are located in offers ample parking, although you may have to park a few lanes away during peak business

    hours. We recommend that you park in the 3rd & 4th lanes (1st parking lane is 30 minute parking only. Please note as you

    may be TOWED) if you are planning on being in our studio for 30 minutes or more.


  • What about fitness professionals/instructors or employment opportunities?

    Want to join our ZEI PRO/ZEI PRO ELITE TEAM?

    We are always interested in exceptional fitness professionals and will post any openings on our website CAREERS tab.

    For fitness instructors, we REQUIRE the following: current 1stAid/CPR certification (RED CROSS or AHA only), current

    fitness instructor proof of insurance (e.g. K&K Insurance Certificate), current/active professional fitness certification (e.g.

    ZUMBA, AFAA Group Fitness, NASM CPT, for example), letters of recommendation from prior employers, and a live

    scheduled audition at our facility for consideration.

*ClubZEI reserves the right to change class schedules, instructors, and/or class type at any time. Class passes for the originally scheduled class will applied to replacement class/format/instructor or class with comparable/equal or lesser cash value.

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